What Can You Do About Bunions

Feet bunions are a very common condition, that you have probably seen it already. When the big toe points laterally, leaning towards the small toe, that creates a bump at its base. Sometimes, that bump can be red and tender, and it can cause pain. In this situation, it is a safe bet to visit your podiatrist, and if you do not have one, then you should contact ModPod Podiatry.

Bunions are obvious from the pain and the unusual shape of your big tie, so you should not ignore this condition. Once you visit your podiatrist, you will probably have to X-ray your foot, and you might also need to have blood tests to see if it is really bunions or arthritis is the cause. After they have the results, it can be seen what kind of medical care you need.

The treatments

Before you can have a treatment, your doctor will have to see what kind of bunions you have and only after that you can have a treatment. Sometimes, doctors will recommend an over-the-counter pain medications or prescriptions that can help with both pain and swelling. At home, you can use a heating pad or a warm bath to ease the discomfort and pain. Sometimes, ice packs also help.

There are different ways to treat your bunions

Shoes are important

Usually, bunions do not hurt all the time, and if you can catch it early, you might just have to change the shoes you are wearing. Podiatrist tends to advise that people use splints, bunion pads or some other shoe inserts for a long time since they can help you with your problems. Sometimes even an orthotics specialist will come to prescribe just the right orthotics for your foot.


While this condition does not usually require surgery, sometimes it will be necessary, and those are the cases with severe pain. However, do not get the surgery just because you do not like how your feet look because the risk of it can be quite bad. If you are not sure about this, you can get a bunion treatment from ModPod Podiatry and ask them for help and advice.

You should talk to your doctor about your worries and what you can expect during and after the surgery. This procedure is called bunionectomy and it is done at the hospital. During the procedure, you will have to go under anesthesia, which will numb the area they will be working on.

During the procedure, a surgeon will sometimes realign the bone behind your big toe as the ligaments of your joint get cut. Those who suffer from severe bunions might need to have their bone cut in a procedure that named an osteotomy. This might require the surgeon to insert screws or wires to help your bones be in line.

Surgery might not always be the best answer for this problem

Possible problems after surgery:

– Bunions can sometimes come back.

– The surgery might not correct the problem of bunions enough or it may even overcorrect it, which results in your toe pointing inwards.

– You might not be able to move your big toe as much as you could before.

Final word

The only thing you should keep in mind is that everything can be either prevented or caught on time if you just have regular visits at the podiatrist. If you lead an active life or if you are an athlete, you should already know how important your feet are, which is why you should also know how important it is to have regular podiatrist visits.

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