It’s time to consider alternative exercise

What are some of the exercises you like to involve yourself in when you have the time to do so? It is important to make the time regardless, as you only have one body and you need to look after it for a while to come. Getting involved in physically activity of a light or heavy regime is a good way of keeping fit, and eating healthy food alongside the exercise is also a must for one and all around the world today. So think carefully about what you want to do to get fit and then take the steps needed to get going.

Downward dog and all the rest

You will know the Adelaide Pilates people who swear by the goodness of their preferred exercise – so much so that you might want to join them for an evening or morning class the next time they invite you do get involved. From the downward dog to other parts of Pilates, you will find yourself stretching and relaxing parts of your body that you might not have known actually existed. From there, you will really get into it if you are liking it and will want to do more of it in the future.

Out on the field

Perhaps you want to run around with a more or less oval ball during a spot of rugby union or maybe you will want to strap on the pads and get a bat in hand during a match of cricket. There is also the opportunity to get in a round of golf with some friends, perhaps. This will allow you to get some miles in those legs across 18 long holes. After that, you might even have earned a beer or two, which might take away from the kilojoules that you lost but it will make the so-called carrot at the end of the stick that much more inviting.

Inside your home

You really need to take advantage of the down time you might get at home, using everyday articles as weights and your time around the house as welcome exercise. You could be curling your biceps while watching television or working out your thigh muscles on the treadmill while in front of a good book. Get dressed up, throw on your trainers and make a gym at home for yourself. Get inventive and think of the different things that could act as exercise mechanisms.

Your family

You would do well to get your children and your spouse involved in the action today. A family that plays together stays together and play doesn’t have to take the form of literal entertainment. No, instead you can exercise together. In many case it’s cheaper and more fun for all concerned. Whether your go running on the road as a group or tuck into a scenic hike in the mountains and hills in your area, it really is good for all of you to be doing it together. That will make for a healthier and fitter family unit.


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