Take Care of Your Jaw and Smile with Dental Implants

Dental implant is a surgical procedure that interfaces with the jaw bone or entire skull to support a dental prosthesis. Modern dentistry is a biological process called osseointegration, in which material, like titanium, form an intimate bond to bone.

A considerable amount of time is required in healing a damaged tooth. A dental implant is painless. Most of the people reported that it involves less pain when compared to extraction of tooth. Local anesthesia is given during the process of osseointegration.

Dental implant is a costly procedure and it mainly depends on the region and who is performing the surgery. Success rates of dental implants vary, depending on strength of the jaw. In general dental implants have a success rate of up to 98%. However, dental implants Houston TX centers have up to 100% success rate. There are two types of dental implant:

  • Endosteal implant – these are implanted directly into the jaw bone.
  • Subperiosteal implant – these consist of a metal frame, which is fitted onto the jaw bone, below the gum tissue.


Procedure of dental implant

Dental implant is three-stage procedure, normally done by a specialist. You can ask any of the local dentists, and they will guide you about the best possible method to deal with your dental issues. Generally, dental implants require a team of several specialists to get a successful treatment.

  • First, the doctor removes the tooth root and buries the implant by making the hole.
  • Then the dentist connects some form of post on the implant. This post is called the abutment.
  • Finally, doctor check whether both the surgery is successful, and then he connects the prosthetic tooth on the post, to successful the osseointegrate process.


Advantage of dental implant

  • Appearance – dental implants give look and feel like original teeth. As they are connected with the jaw bone, these are permanent.
  • Improved comfort – as these teeth are part of you, dental implants eliminate the discomfort of removed teeth.
  • Easier eating – chewing is difficult even if a single tooth is removed. Implants allow you to eat your favorite food with full confidence and no pain.
  • Durability – these implants are very much durable and last for many years. If proper care is taken, they may even last for lifetime.

Therefore, dental implants are necessary for everyone. Cost should not be your top priority because it affects your own personality and overall appearance.

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