If Stanozolol is used illegally? Still a doubt!

Steroids have been part of fitness community for many years now. Many athletes and body builder are using steroids to increase their performance. Steroids help in boosting body muscles and body strength which is imperative for these people to be in the top of their game. However, there has always been confusion about the use of the drug, whether or not it is legal to take the supplement if you are in such sports.

What are steroids?

Steroids are artificial hormones that are used to increase testosterone in males and females, but males require this hormone ten times higher than females. Earlier in 50’s when these steroids were produced, it was largely used to treat chronic ailments. But over the years, looking at the incredible anabolic effects in males, it has become quite a popular drug amongst athletes and body builders. Stanozolol is sold under the label of Winstrol which is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid that is derived from dihydrotestosterone. Consuming these supplements have led to a million dollar question today, If Stanozolol is used illegally?

Legal status of the supplement

Many athletes have been banned from their sports for consuming these drugs. Our body is responsible for naturally producing testosterone hormones. But not everybody is fortunate to have optimum levels of testosterone hormone that result in lean body mass, low body strength, fatigue, low sex drive etc. That is the reason; doctors prescribe using these supplements to increase the level of testosterone hormones. But many sports person have been abusing this drug to get easy results simply because they don’t have the patience to increase the body endurance through natural ways. In early days consuming stanozolol was considered legal because it was used to treat osteoporosis, physically slow developing children and post-surgery trauma. But because of its body building benefits, it became quite popular amongst athletes and physique builders.

Athletes and physique builders who are looking forward to enhance their body mass, Stanzolol is an ideal drug. Unlike other alternative like Anadrol or Dianabol, those are known to provide higher androgenic levels with considerable amount of water retention in body. However, the effects of stanzolol are absolutely the opposite.

Stanzolol increases body mass but with proper body proportions. That is the reason it is famous amongst athletes who require competing with good strength. But despite of offering positive effects, the supplement is banned with sports organizations. It will be only be considered legal if prescribed by doctors for treating certain forms of cancer, angioedema and developmental problems in children. Hence, there is a still a thin line of doubt about the statement If Stanozolol is used illegally, because according to FDA, it is a legal drug that can be sold at steroid supplier stores.


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