Pregnenolone and weight loss

Pregnenolone can prevent the abdominal fat buildup and can reduce the stress by producing a calming effect. They are popular as highly effective weight loss tool. Since it maintains the mental health, it also leads to the higher rate of metabolism. For aggressive metabolism, high level of testosterone is necessary which is achieved by pregnenolone.

By using pregnenolone body’s hormone levels can be balanced. When hormone levels are in proportions as needed body will not produce extra cholesterol. In this way weight gain can be controlled.

Pregnenolone is very popular in bodybuilding world and fitness industry. This is because it is a great fat burner and mood enhancer. Pregnenolone can increase learning skills, improve memory. Pregnenolone is well known as feel good hormone given by nature. Brain can function at its peak capacity by pregnenolone. It is very helpful in reducing arthritis pain. Individuals who want to reduce fat can go for pregnenolone supplementation. Even those who want to increase their cognitive abilities can take pregnenolone prescribed by experts.


As said earlier pregnenolone is responsible for the synthesis of many other hormones, it is known as the grandmother of all steroid hormones. DHEA is known as mother of hormones.

As we age, production of pregnenolone in the body reduces. This can lead to decrease in mental as well as physical health. This can be balanced by pregnenolone supplements. So this will result in better brain functionalities. This is also useful in treating nerve injuries, Alzhemer’s and spinal cord injuries.

How does Pregnenolone help in losing weight?

Pregnenolone controls body’s fat storage. It accelerates metabolism rate. It can prevent effects of cortisol. That leads to controlling abdominal fat buildup and retention of fluid in the body.  Cortisol levels are directly linked to obesity in abdomen, slow metabolic rate, weight gain and depression. Pregnenolone can calm the mind and help in loosing pounds by preventing cortisol effects.

One more main characteristic of pregnenolone is uses stored fat in the body as a fuel. This is very helpful in shedding weight. Dose of the supplement depends on individual’s weight, age and health condition. In most of the people it won’t create any side effects. In few cases there are side effects like acne, insomnia, and overstimulation. It can also cause irritability, migranes and arrhythmia in some cases.

For daily use the recommended dose of pregnenolone ranges from 25-100 mg. If taken in high range, it may cause heart palpitations in few individuals. This will stop once the supplement dose discontinued. Even though it has very few and miner side effects, every individual should take experts advice when taking pregnenolone for first time. In most of the cases it yields desired results like, arthritis pain relief, stress reduction, improved energy levels, enhanced sexual libido, increased stamina, memory improvement, vision improvement and mood elevation weight loss. Regular users use 10 mg. Some people maintain a range of 10-30 mg; however, one can also go up to 50 mg as there are no specific side effects from it.

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