Why Oral Winstrol Is Preferred Over Injections? How to Use Recommended Dosage Safely?

Bodybuilders and athletes are well aware that the synthetic anabolic steroids they use to improve their performance are illegally bought from underground labs or black market.

If you know the sources of illegal steroids then there are plenty of options. For example, Winstrol Depot is the injectable form or Stanozolol. It is also available in oral version and several athletes prefer them over injections.

Why oral Winstrol is preferred?

Winstrol is not recommended for medical treatments because of the severity of side effects, but is still used in veterinary circle in injection from called Winstrol Depot. Animals are even monitored closely, when this injection is used for signs of cardiovascular, kidney or liver issues.

Beginner athletes feel that Oral Winstrol is much gentle than taking intra-muscular injectable Winstrol Depot.

Actually, even oral Winstrol has strong anabolic properties (tissue-building) and low androgenic qualities (male influencing traits). Bodybuilders claim that the side effects from this drug are negligible but it is important to take precaution because after all you are using steroids.

Oral Winstrol hardly promotes progestational and estrogenic activity, so men and women bodybuilders and athletes prefer it, alike.

As it shows negligible progestational and estrogenic actions, bodybuilders don’t feel the need to stack anti-estrogenic drugs with oral Winstrol.

Oral Winstrol recommendation from bodybuilding websites

Recommendations of steroid dosages are available from body building website. These are not offered by medical experts or physicians, who have monitored the results or side effects.

Oral drugs or tablet strength is between 2 mg – 10 mg, where common dosage is 5 mg is suggested. However, male bodybuilders use around 15 mg – 25 mg per day. However, safe medical recommendation was 6 mg daily.

Those who use 25 mg daily are at high risk of adverse reaction or side issues than the ones using low dosages.

For medical treatment women are prescribed 4 mg daily, which is safe. In bodybuilding arena or to enhance athletic performance it is recommended 5 mg – 1 mg daily dosage or oral Winstrol.

It is advised to start at low dosage amount and frequency. It helps to monitor the reaction of your body. Read more on this link

Adverse reaction of oral Winstrol

  • It affects gastrointestinal tract causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.
  • Interferes with electrolyte and fluid balance contributing to fluid retention.
  • Blood filled cyst possible occur in liver
  • Decrease glucose tolerance
  • Increases bad cholesterol levels

The potential risks related to Winstrol in any form is well-known but still it is being extensively used for leisure purpose. Always use anabolic androgenic steroids under the monitoring of a physician.


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