Medical Malpractices and the Law

The doctors and the medical professionals are serious, and they always try to treat a patient carefully, so only a few medical malpractice cases are happening every year in the USA. However, it is also not good, and we expect zero error in the medical field because it is related to life and death. Many people face the problem, but they do not have the proper idea about medical malpractice cases. They do not ask for compensation from their insurance companies.

The persons should have some knowledge about this topic. They should know more about it.

Wrong diagnosis or delayed diagnosis: Most of the doctors are good, and they do the proper treatment of the patients, however sometimes they do the wrong diagnosis and delayed diagnosis. A patient can die due to the negligence of the doctors. They should diagnose the disease as soon as possible. If they do not do it properly, then they will face some legal issues and the doctor many lose the registration.

Law is strict, and anyone can get enough compensation by the help of an experienced lawyer. Everyone has right to live happily.

Childbirth Injuries: At the time of the birth of a child the medical team should be careful. Large number injuries are happened due to the carelessness of the doctor or the medical team. Many babies died every year due to brain injuries and other wounds. According to law, the family members of the injured children can get compensation from the insurance company.

Negligent prenatal care: The physician should take all the necessary steps to maintain the health of the mother and the child who is in the womb of the mother. Wrong treatment can cause the death of the child. Common errors are including:

  1. Sometimes the doctors are not able to find the disease of the mother such as anemia, hypoglycemia, preeclampsia, etc.
  2. The doctors fail to identify the birth defects.
  3. They fail to diagnosis the disease of the child.

Medication Errors: According to the report approximately 1.5 million people are affected due to the medication errors in the United States of America every year. The medication errors happen many ways. For Example, a doctor prescribes wrong medicine, and it can harm the patient. Common errors are including:

  1. The doctor writes a wrong prescription.
  2. The drug is right, but the doses are wrong.

Anesthesia Errors: It is dangerous and can cause brain damage or even death. An anesthesiologist should be serious when he or she does his job.  

An anesthesiologist should know the heart condition of the patient, and should not use the defective equipment.  

Surgery Errors: It is happened in the operating room due to the negligence of a surgeon. Sometimes they do the wrong operation. Not only the surgeons but also the nursing staffs have the vital role in the operating room.

However, anyone can receive compensation because of the Medical malpractices. The lawyers of Khan Law Firm have vast experience in personal injury and medical malpractices and can help a person to get enough compensation.


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