Laser Treatment Options for Varicose Veins

From the last few years, medical experts have been moving to less invasive endoluminal methods in the treatment of varicose veins and spider veins. Various treatment options are now available. Laser treatment is one such option, which is fast becoming popular simply because it is the least painful way.

Laser Treatment

This treatment is most effective for smaller varicose veins and spider veins. Here brief pulses of laser light are used to destroy smaller blood vessels. The laser uses a focused beam of light whose wavelength is targeted to the pigment in the blood. This causes the targeted vein to heat up and ultimately get destroyed. Within a span of four to six weeks the vein is reabsorbed by the body and eventually it disappears. Since the beam is focused, it does not destroy or damage the nearby skin tissue. Various types of lasers are used depending on the vein. For thin veins closer to the skin’s surface, pulsed dye laser works best while for deeper blue or purple veins, a laser with a longer length (YAG laser) is preferred.


Undergoing Laser Therapy

The laser therapy is usually done in a specialist’s office or clinic after determining it as the best option. It’s an outpatient service and takes about 10-20 minutes. The procedure does not require any anesthesia but topical anesthetic 20 minutes prior to the procedure may be applied based on individual consideration. During the treatment, one may feel a slight tingling sensation as the laser fires. Today most lasers come with a cooling system, which prevents the tip of the laser from getting hot. Post treatment, a slightly raised reddish bump may appear which disappears within a couple of hours.

Precautions after Laser Therapy

There is no downtime or recovery period required after the treatment, some precautions should be observed to ensure better healing. They are –

  • Keep as much away from sun as possible.
  • Wearing support hose can expedite healing.
  • Normally, there is no pain but counter pain medications under the doctor’s guidance can be taken if required.

Side Effects

Its various side effects can be –

  • Burning of skin if procedure is not done properly.
  • Sometimes skin discoloration happens.
  • Sometimes burning sensation, pain or prickling maybe experienced if nerve damage occurred.
  • Rarely small or large blood clotting happens in the vein or deep vein.

Laser treatment has shown 96 percent effectiveness in eliminating the issue with a varicose vein. Thus is a very popular and easy treatment.

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