How to increase your cognitive abilities?

Every successful individual is considered to be smart in his/ her own unique way. There are several types of smart propel out there. All of us face certain situations in our life when we thrive to find out how to be smarter, more intelligent and more productive.

But what is intelligence anyway? It is the ability to use all your knowledge and experience in the right way that you can produce effective outcomes and solutions. Every part of your life require a certain level of intelligence and ability to act smart, be it education, career, relationship, money making strategies or money saving tactics. Some individuals are born with an amazing level of intelligence which help them to lead establish their life in a unique way.

However, there are certain possible ways of increasing your intelligence level and cognitive ability. As Dr. Curtis Cripe emphasizes there are lot of ways out there to shape up your mind and mold your own mental clay. But you should keep in mind that it takes your own effort to increase your mental ability. No one can help you if you are not willing enough to improve yourself.2

However, some effective ways to increase the cognitive abilities are as follows:

  • Seek novelty and explore new things:

As Dr. Curtis Cripe suggests there is no limit of browsing through new domains to gather unknown information. It is not like that you have to know about everything that exists. It is completely fine if you just try to explore your own respective field of specialization with a very broad approach.  With each new effort to learn something new, you create a new synaptic connection. Your general neural activity increases as these connections start to build on each other.  This neuron plasticity works brilliantly when it comes to increase your intelligence level.

You are making your brain ready to function more smoothly by continuously exploring new things. But everything has a decent manner. Do not push yourself too far to learn new things that your productivity gets blocked with extreme pressure. Try to learn the new things slowly so that you can inherit the underlying knowledge in a right way.  

  • Challenge yourself:

Why should always struggle to meet up anyone else’s expectations?   From the initial years of your life you are struggling everyday to face all the challenges pitched by your parents, teachers, and seniors and so on. Why not try to be your own boss? If you get accustomed to challenge yourself and fulfill them on time, you will be able to face any kind of hardships when it comes to dealing with the reality.

  • Think creatively:

As Dr. Curtis Cripe stretches on the point that it is very important to think from a creative perspective.  You must think in a unique way to help your brain gain maximum level of neural growth.  But wait, thinking creatively does not mean that you need to suddenly turn out to be a sculptor. Creative thinking means to associate between vast ranges of ideas. You have to switch back and forth between rational thought process and unique thinking.

These simple steps can help you a lot in the long run. It is a must to have the urge to change and improve you. Otherwise no one can help you to be more productive and smart but you.  


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