How to Combat Ageing without Creams or Cosmetic Surgery

In developed countries, we live in a society in which the media teaches us to venerate youth and beauty. Thus people spend small fortunes on products, services, and procedures which promise to reverse the ageing process. Wherever you look, you will see creams and serums made by corporations that make assurances which are impossible to keep. Each year, thousands of people undergo painful surgical procedures to make them look younger, and spend small fortunes on fillers and Botox injections.

Are you wasting your money?

You could spend all of your disposable income on beauty products and procedures to make yourself look slim and stunning, but still be wasting your time. Lotions, potions, and other products will have a limited impact if your lifestyle and habits are causing you to age prematurely.  Unless you lead a healthy lifestyle and develop an understanding of what your body requires for optimal functioning, you might as well set your spare cash on fire.  Read on to find out how to look and feel more youthful without throwing your money away.

Be Careful What You Consume

The corporations that make the foods you consume are not interested in the health of the people who purchase them. Their sole motivation is making a profit. Thus the onus is on you to safeguard your health and preserve your youthful looks by eating correctly. Instead of eating processed foods created by corporations that don’t care about you, start cooking your own meals using whole, unprocessed ingredients. Cut back on foods high in fat and/or sugar. Instead, consume these foods:

  • Lean proteins
  • Low fat dairy products
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Grains, pulses, beans and seeds
  • Herbs and spices

Eating correctly won’t just help you lose weight. It will supply your body with all the key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to function well.

You should also be mindful concerning non-food items you consume. You’ll look and feel younger if you avoid or cut down on cigarettes, certain illicit drugs, and alcohol. Getting enough sleep at night will also help.

Creams or Cosmetic Surgery

Exercise More

You have probably read several health articles that extol the virtues of regular exercise, and there are good reasons for that. Exercise is vital if you want a slim, youthful looking body and good skin. Exercise helps to burn unwanted fat, keeps your cardiovascular system in good shape, and promotes the development of lean muscle mass. Systematic exercise also helps the body to produce Human Growth Hormone, which is thought to slow down the ageing process.

Consider Hormone Replacement

A decline in hormone levels can also contribute to the ageing process, and this is true for both males and females. Thus many have turned to hormone replacement in a bid to feel and appear more youthful. Testosterone replacement is available for men. Hormone replacement for women usually comprises of a mixture of estrogen and progesterone. You may be concerned about the side effects of synthetic hormone replacement. Fortunately, bio hormone replacement therapy or BHRT is now available thanks to medical advances. This type of hormone replacement relies on hormones that are biologically identical to those found in the human body. This makes the hormones more effective and less dangerous because they are easier for the body to absorb.

It’s Your Choice

You can ignore the advice provided in this article and continue purchasing products with limited effectiveness if you so wish. Alternatively, you can implement the suggestions and start changing your life. It will not be easy. Making radical changes is always initially difficult. However, the effort will be worthwhile.

Author Box: Frank Spark shares his side of tips on sustaining the radiance of your skin without cosmetics. For extreme cases, he, however, recommends taking resort to bio-identical hormones therapy.

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