How Forskolin could affect your Overall Health with its Dangerous Side Effects?

Often, you may wonder what exactly you mean by overweight. It is increased weight they struggle to manage. However, in actual sense, the term ‘overweight’ would mean people having excessive fat than required by the body to carry out various physiological functions normally. People have started raising concerns with respect to losing excessive fat from the body. As a result, they have been trying out everything possible, from exercises to weight loss pills, in order to lose weight. A good diet plan and proper exercise regime or a combination of both would help you reduce that excessive weight from your body.


It would not be wrong to suggest that obesity and overweight has been on the rise throughout the world. Nearly half the total world’s population has been suffering from obesity and overweight problems. In fact, the numbers has been increasing rapidly. The need for proper diet plan and benefits of physical exercise along with the usage of weight loss pills has become imperative in the present times. However, before you actually start your weight loss regime, you should make sure that fall in the category of being overweight. The use of weight loss supplements would have harsh side effects if taken without medical prescription. To determine whether you are overweight or not, you should make use of body mass index tool.

Difference between overweight and obese on body mass index

Generally, a person having body mass index or BMI ranging around 25-30 would be considered overweight. In comparison, a person with BMI more than 30 would be considered obese. Being overweight has several health hazards, but little when compared to being obese. The good weight loss supplements along with following a decent diet plan and exercising schedule would be great solution for reducing that excessive fat. However, Forskolin comes with several side effects.

Forskolin side effects

The most obvious side effect of using Forskolin is low blood pressure. It would cause the patient to have pale skin, blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, reduced focus and loss of conscious. If the blood pressure lowers severely, the vital organs of the body would fail to get proper supply of oxygen resulting in hypotension. The problem may increase further and cause severe heart and brain damage.

Use of Forskolin may also lead to tachycholin. It is a state where heart rate elevates considerably. It would cause a feeling of chest pains, rapid pulse, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, loss of consciousness and lightheadedness. Further expected danger could involve heartburns, frequent fainting, blood clots and sudden death. Enhanced acid levels in the stomach have been yet another of Forskolin danger people should beware.

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