How Cosmetic Surgery Affects Your Health

Several years before the inception of plastic and cosmetic surgery, everyone just had to contend with what nature endowed them with. If it was an unusually abnormal feature, the best surgeons could do was to muffle it so that it was not too pronounced. That is no longer the case currently. Individuals can now alter whatever they do not like about themselves. But as usual, people will always abuse the goodwill of something, and cosmetic surgery is one of them. This is besides the fact that all surgeries carry some risks.

While some individuals may positively live with the effects of cosmetic surgery, others with a history of diabetes, heart or cardiovascular illnesses, lung disease and obesity may easily develop complications. The complications range from stroke, blood clots in the lungs or legs, pneumonia and heart attack. It is also proven that people who smoke experience healing problems and may take longer than expected to get better after a procedure.


Apart from those with underlying health conditions, normal patients may also experience some complications as Joan Rivers found out during her procedure. These include tissue necrosis, discoloration of skin around affected area, asymmetry, infection, rejection of implants, allergic reactions to anesthetic drugs used and bad scar tissue formation. It is important to understand that all these complications vary with patients depending on a number of factors including previous medical conditions, a patient’s biological make up and diet among others. See: photos of Joan Rivers before surgery.

Most problems can be corrected of course, though this too depends on several factors. In case a patient has to undergo a variety of other alterations to correct the situation, death may occur. All in all, most patients usually come out of the procedures successfully, with many more still seeking other procedures to help change some more features they deem unfit.

It is always imperative to talk to the surgeon before a cosmetic procedure. Since there are other sources of information too, it is important to look at them and compare notes. It does not hurt to know more about a procedure before going for it. But a doctor who examines a patient will discuss all the risks involved before allowing him/her to make the final decision. Learn from other’s mistake –

Patients who generally have poor health, e.g. who fall ill frequently, those who smoke, are too old, are on life-long medications and are allergic to a number of drugs should generally avoid cosmetic procedures. Patients who travel from far also must be aware of the health implications of having to travel frequently for follow ups. If it proves to be too risky, a doctor may advice the patient on the necessary measures to take.


Research carried out about how cosmetic surgery affects the life of individual indicates that a good number of patients had heightened self esteem when the procedure was successful. For patients whose surgeries flopped, the opposite was true. After a procedure, patients take different times to heal. During the healing period, a number of them like Megan Fox have to take a break from public eye. This can be traumatizing to people used to being at the public arena.

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