Essential gear for every cyclist

Like everything else, cycling is a sport that requires a lot preparation and hard work before you go on a ride whether for your enjoyment or as a competitive sport. You must ensure you have the right gear before you start going on your ride.

Some essentials that must be in every cyclist’s arsenal include the following. These are all must have cycling gear:

A duffel bag

Although cycling might not seem like a lot is involved, the truth is that you need to prepare well to ensure your ride is smooth and problem free. A duffel bag is an essential that every rider must have. Opt for one that is made of breathable material and is big enough to fit in your riding clothes, shoes, helmet and other essentials like water and snacks. Always check that it is well loaded with all the important essentials and keep it closed to avoid spillage during your ride.

Strong tires

If you find that your tires wear easily and this impacts your performance, you are not wrong. A strong set of tires will give your bike stronger traction, lighten the load of bike and even improve your overall handling of the bike and make it easier to manoeuvre. Also ensure the tire you choose is filled with air and is in peak condition before your ride so you avoid any unpleasant scenarios while you drive.

Multi-purpose tool

Cycling can be an exciting sport but it also brings with it a lot of risks. You can’t always carry your toolbox with you especially not on a cycle which must be light enough for the rider to drive around. So if you must have tool, choose a clever multipurpose one that has a chain breaker. This tool will be especially useful in tricky situations and should come with essentials like a screwdriver, wrench and a chain tool. If you are unsure of its function, practice using it before you hit the road.

Practical cycling gear

You can’t wear layers and layers of clothing when you go on bicycle rides, you still have to be protected well enough to ensure your safety. Pick clothing that fits you like a glove, is sleek and comfortable and has adequate chamois pads for safety. Perfect choices include bib shorts and breathable fabrics for tops and pants. Also ensure you have appropriate socks and shoes to protect your feet.

Stocked cooler

A bike ride, especially if you are going on a long one in rough terrain can take quite a bit of time and you need to be well hydrated during your journey. In order to have cool drinks to hydrate you, you must have a stocked cooler. Opt for one that has stainless steel handles and rubber grips. Ensure it is able to fit all your drinks and of different sizes. Also make sure it has a strong latch which safely holds the contents together even when you are cycling across uneven ground.

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