Environmental Benefits Of Using Real And Fresh Christmas Tree

Every holiday session, the shoppers find themselves confronted with the choice to celebrate with the real and fresh Christmas tree or one that is the artificial aluminum or plastic tree. What most of the people do not realize is that the great choice has always been traditional and the natural choice is the Christmas tree.

Real And Fresh Christmas Trees Benefit Environment:

While they are growing, the real Christmas tree delivery supports life by the absorbing carbon dioxide and the other type of gases and emitting fresh oxygen. The farms that are growing Christmas Trees stabilize soil, provide refuge for wildlife, and protect water supplies while making the scenic green belts. Frequently, Christmas Trees are grown on the soil that does not support the other crops that grows in the nearby place. See what experts say about the Real Christmas Trees.Image result for Environmental Benefits Of Using Real And Fresh Christmas Tree

Fresh Christmas Trees Are Renewable And Recyclable:

Real Christmas Trees are grown on the farms just like any type of other agricultural crop. To make sure the constant supply, the Christmas Trees growers plant one to 3 new seedlings for the every tree they harvest. However, the artificial trees are the petroleum based product manufactured primarily in the Chinese factories. The average family uses artificial tree for only 6 to 9 years before throwing it away, where it can remain in the landfill for the centuries after the disposal.

Natural and fresh Christmas Trees are biodegradable that means they can be simply reused or to be recycled for mulch and the other purposes. Study about several ways that are the Real Christmas Trees are being recycled and to be reused in communities nationwide. The Real Christmas Trees are often grown on the soil that does not support the other crops. Study more about National Christmas Tree Association’s support of the Project Evergreen.

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