Common Mistakes during chest training

A man with a superb and a well-kept chest often stands out from the crowd.  However, for many men, in quest of getting a chest that will look more appealing to the ladies, they always find themselves overlooking some common mistakes. Some of these mistakes are;

  1. Overtraining; there are many people training their chest with high volume frequency or intensity than any other body part. Most chest workout routines like this one recommend working out 3 times a week and taking 4 days off. You should not only concentrate with your chest but rather, you should have a balanced program that focuses on your whole body unless you had neglected your chest muscles for some reasons. While doing cardiovascular exercises, you should consider the volume of your chest work out and the volume of the work you for the opposite function in the back. For many people, they have more volume for just their specs as they do their entire back. This will often result to imbalance.
  1. Rotation of the shoulder excessively; the bench presses and the chest machines are often filled with eager trainees. A chest press seems like an easy movement to perform but when performing any kind of pressing motion for the chest; there is likelihood that you will wreck your AC joint and the structures around it. To avoid this, it is important to reduce the rotation of the shoulder during the movement. You should try to keep your shoulder blades retracted throughout the entire movement.
  1. Neglecting the full range of motion; lightweight movement with full range of motion is a great complement to the heavy compound work. You should focus to an area that would e difficult to stretch under a barbell. For this, you will require a lighter load.
  1. Focusing on the positive; in this area, the stretch trainers tend to differ with the body builders. Slow negatives are not considered as the best thing for the maximum gaining of strength but they are wonderful for the growth of the muscles. There are mainly two ways of helping you focus on the negative side of your training. First, you should alter the tempo of your movements so as to extend the duration of your training and if the eccentric is less than two seconds, you should extend it to four. It requires focus to lower the weight slowly but the outcome will change your way of thinking. The second technique is whereby according to the researchers, the negative portion of an exercise is usually responsible for a large amount of the damage that occurs during training. For the heavy negatives, they require ample time for resting.

The above are some of the things that people always do during training and they hinder the intended outcome. It is therefore important to bear in mind the above so as to get the most out of the exercises thus having the most desired chest muscles.

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