Check These Important Facts About Clenbuterol For Weight Loss!

Clenbuterol is one of the biggest and popular names in the world of weight loss supplements. Contrary to what some people think, this is not a regular anabolic steroid.  Clenbuterol is effective for men and women alike, but it doesn’t work like steroids and doesn’t belong to that class of compounds either. Here are some fast facts at a glance!

How Clenbuterol works?

The systemic effects of Clenbuterol are well known. It helps in boosting the metabolism rate that works for fat loss. However, you will not loss lean muscles, which is the biggest benefit of this supplement. It also adds to stamina and energy. As mentioned, this is not an anabolic compound, but has a few anti-catabolic effects, which helps in preserving lean muscle mass. It is most effective in the cutting cycle and is often combined with Anavar and Winstrol for better results.

Using Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is known to be effective for treating certain breathing conditions in humans and animals. It has a few anabolic effects, but most users don’t take that level of this drug, and hence the concerns are not relevant. In most cases, Clenbuterol is not taken for more than a few weeks. In the US, it is not used for humans, but it is possible to access Clen in parts of Asia and Europe. Clenbuterol is not meant to replace diet and exercise, but it can surely help in losing weight from areas that are otherwise hard to target.

Dosage and side effects

Dosage for Clenbuterol depends on many factors, although women consume a much lower dose than men. Women don’t need more than 20 mcg per day, while some men can take up to 100 mcg per day. Please note that the use of Clenbuterol also depends on the cutting cycle. If you are using other steroids, you will use a much lower dose of this steroid. Side effects are not uncommon, which is why one must be cautious about high dosages. Common adverse effects include jittery sensations, Thyrotoxicosis, and Subaortic stenosis. These are extreme serious risks and must be considered while deciding the dose and cycle.

Depending on your location, you might find Clenbuterol online. Please note that the products sold on online stores are not always genuine, so do check the reviews before taking the final call. As for the best cycle and stack for cutting, you can check on bodybuilding forums.

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