Bodybuilding supplements: Do you Require them?

Bodybuilding supplements are a multi billion dollar industry. There are so many supplements to choose from, magazines over advertising miracle pills and shady supplement companies claiming miracles, it’s impossible to choose. This guide is going to help you cut out 95% of the industry nonsense and use supplements that work. Let’s get right into it.

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The most researched supplement of all time. Creatine has proven time and time again to be effective in increasing strength and endurance from doing explosive movements. You can find countless studies on creatine and a dosage of 3-5g is sufficient.

Whey Protein

Another popular supplement. Whey protein does’t give you the benefits that creatine has but it can add 20-30g of protein per serving and is rapidly absorbed. This means it’s perfect post workout. Whey protein now comes in some amazing flavours too! It can also be added to greek yogurt, oats and many other things to make really tasty treats.

Beta Alanine

Similar to creatine, beta alanine has shown to increase muscular endurance in the 5-12 rep range. This is useful when doing hypertrophy style workouts and can aid in muscle growth. It is important to note that beta alanine does give a tingly sensation and can be very hard to resist scratching. This can be annoying when training! Clinical effective dose for beta alanine is 3.2g per day.

Fish Oils

Omega fish oils have been proven to increase the health of your body via reducing cholesterol and can also aid in fat loss. Some studies indicate it also improves hormonal levels in the body leading to a healthier and stronger body.


If your diet is sufficient multi vitamins may not be needed but on a training schedule of 4-6 days a week it may be a good idea to include a multi vitamin supplement. Multi vitamins replenish vitamin and mineral levels in the body leading to optimal cell function which can help muscle growth, improve recovery and increase fat oxidisation.

Amino acids

Branch chained amino acids are very popular at the moment. Many use them to preserve muscle while dieting. They can be a great help and can also spike muscle protein synthesis. When dieting it’s important to use everything in your power to retain as much muscle as possible whilst also losing fat. BCAAs have shown they can do this and they are effectively used during fasted cardio and long workouts.



All of this is useless unless you pick brands that back up their claims and use the ingredients they say they use. Many brands over sell and under perform but here’s a few brands that have passed the test of quality:

Bodybuilding Warehouse (

Optimum Nutrition

Reflex Nutrition

Quest Nutrition


We hope this article has helped. Let us know your favourite brand and supplement below!

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