If you are unhappy about your lean or fat body and want to improve your appearance and regain strength, then Anavar is the right choice for you. It is a steroid quite useful for reducing body fat in women and to increase muscle mass in men.

It is basically an alternate name for Oxandrolone, which is a form of testosterone DHT. Anavar tablets became available in the year 1960 and assisted patients in gaining muscle mass, boosting immunity and relieving bone pain. In bodybuilding industry, it is known as “Var” which means that a product having an array of benefits. The Anavar cycle has many uses for men in bodybuilding.

How it Works?

Anavar is available orally, which means that it passes over liver without any change in its molecular form. This means that it gets into blood stream and is transported to cells intact. Most of the steroids are altered once they pass the liver but Anavar doesn’t.

It interacts mildly with the body and helps in dropping excess fat from body areas where it is hard to lose. It is a fabricated male hormone, which makes it an androgen drug. It has low reaction with body and doesn’t have any effect on the production of testosterone.

Usefulness in Maintaining Cycles

Anavar is a synthesized version of testosterone and does not lead to wide fluctuations in hormone levels of people. When the cycle of steroid ends, the body of the patient goes through a frame period where too much hormones are created in the body.

During the cycle, it helps in increasing protein synthesis and thereby helping you to save muscle mass. Moreover, it gives enormous chances of reducing fat without any loss of muscle fat.

 Some Aftermaths

As such there are no harmful effects of Anavar, but it causes hair loss to men who have inherited genes for male pattern baldness. Moreover, it may lead to acne -like bumps or decrease in good cholesterol and increase in bad one.

Men who have history of heart attacks, cardiac disease, hypertension or strokes   should take it in consultation with their health practitioner. Moreover, it sometimes leads to arterial diseases as use of Anavar increases levels of cholesterol in body.


Despite all these things, Anavar has very low impact on the body and doesn’t have any harmful effects as such. It is because of this reason, that this steroid is most popular among female and male bodybuilders.