All about Dianabol

If you are looking out for an additional supplement to promote your excessive gym and workout sessions, then trust on the oldest supplement which is known as Dianabol. Dianabol is an androgenic and anabolic steroid which was first designed by Doctor John Bosley. He invented the chemical compound at the Ciba Pharmaceuticals. Dianabol is also known as Dbal, Dianabol Methandrostolenolone and many more. It is one type of anabolic steroid which is specifically designed for enhancing the performance of the body builders, sports personnel and vigorous fitness trainers. This steroidal pill is particularly famous within the body building industry. It has garnered lot of popularity, since many users have experience immense muscle gains and as a legal performance enhancing supplements during their workout cycles.

Many users claim to see vast improvement in their body physique. Within a span of few weeks, they have experienced up to 20lbs of weight gain, particularly in muscles. For the people who wish to see miraculous changes in their body, this pill will definitely work as per their expectations. However, one must be aware of the potential side-effects too, before starting the Dianabol cycle. The side-effects can range from minor to serious effects. The effects vary depending on various factors such as amount of intake, period of intake, exercise and water consumption, allergies and effects caused due to other medications.

Dianabol in detail:

Dianabol is popularly available across many countries as a famous anabolic steroid and legal performance enhancing supplement. It is usually used for obtaining quick effects by increasing the capacity of the body to perform protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. One cannot blame Dianabol for attracting users, despite its side-effects, since it provides tremendous changes within a short span of time. Dianabol Methandienone is a synthetic form of testosterone. It is a pure performance enhancer drug. The synthetic drug is a man-made form of chemical compound which is used as a supplement or replacement to natural hormones in the body. Naturally, Anabolic steroids are produced in every human body. However, the quantity of hormones in males and females vary. The synthetic agents like Dbal promote the production of the natural hormone or act as an additional supplement.

Results of Dianabol:

You might get many live examples if you enquire about Dianabol among the body builders and their forums. One can see many before and after transformation differences, up to 20lbs within a span of few weeks of consuming the steroids. Most of the body builders consume it for gaining muscle mass faster than in ordinary pace. One can observe significant change in strength level. Along with it, the ability of the body to restore and repair its muscles is shortened. The muscles tend to gain more strength and cause less wear and tear in the tissues. Like other anabolic steroids, which are harsher on human body, Dianabol has milder effect.

Consumption of Dianabol:

Dianabol is steroidal drug, hence it is available an injection and as pill. It is often taken as an oral tablet and up on consumption, it has short span of life of three to five hours only. Hence, many people split its dosage between two to three times per day. One must remember to consume the pill with the intake of good nutritious protein rich diet. A good amount of food will prevent acidity and gastrointestinal problems in the body. The dosage depends on many factors such as, gender, body type, allergic conditions, health factors, exercise routine and fitness goals. Consuming of Dianabol or any steroidal pill for more than six weeks is not recommended. It might put stress on the liver and kidney, which may cause reactions and lead to failure. Typically, Dbol doses can be increased from 20mg to 50mg per day. The maximum dosage must be limited to 100mg per day. It is advisable that, the naïve users and women should not take higher doses of the steroidal pills.


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