8 Perks To Quitting Smoking

Still struggling to put down that pack of cigarettes? Quitting can be a major challenge, but there are plenty of great reasons to give it a shot. While we all know the obvious cancer risks involved in smoking, there are plenty of substantial perks that come when you quit that you may not have considered yet. Check out these 8 perks to quitting and then make a plan to cut smoking out for good.

  1. You’ll be free from that terrible taste. While you may not notice it as much while you’re in the grip of a cigarette habit, tobacco smells and tastes terrible. As soon as you quit, you’ll notice that your mouth feels fresher and your sense of smell will sharpen up. If you switch over to an e-cigarette device from vapes australia to quit, you’ll even get to choose your own tasty flavour and scent instead of being stuck with the stale taste of cigarettes.
  2. You can break the cycle of addiction. Aside from the damaging affect that smoking has on your health, there’s also a freedom that comes with not being tied to a particular substance. Your brain receptors adjust to consistent smoking, which is why it’s so difficult to quit. After breaking the cycle, you’ll free up mental space for more valuable pursuits.
  3. Your teeth will start to shine again. Smoking causes your teeth to yellow, your breath to smell, and your enamel to decay more quickly over time. After just a short time away from the smokes your teeth will begin to strengthen again, and your whole system will benefit from the transformation.
  4. You’ll improve your heart health. Many smokers aren’t aware of just how much pressure cigarettes put on your cardiovascular system. By quitting, you’ll reduce your risk of heart disease, lower your odds of getting a blood clot and stroke, and reduce your unhealthy cholesterol levels. After just 24 hours away from cigarettes, your risk of a heart attack will go down.
  5. You’ll save plenty of cash. Still in denial about how much you’re spending on your habit? Add up the cost of each pack of cigarettes then multiply it by the days in the year. Consider the rising cost of tobacco and then assess just how valuable a long-term investment it could be to quit. Switching to vaping alone could save you a fortune.
  6. Food will taste great again. Smoking tobacco dulls your senses, including your sense of taste. Once you quit, you’ll be able to truly taste food in all its glory. Just try not to overeat to compensate for quitting!
  7. The ageing process will slow down. Cigarettes damage your DNA and speed up the process of ageing in your body. This means wrinkles will appear earlier than they should, and your whole appearance and health will suffer. Quitting will bring the process back to a normal pace, assuming no long-term damage has been done.
  8. Your lungs will thank you. One the tobacco and tar clears from your lungs, you should be able to jog without wheezing, breathe clearly, and that lingering cough will finally clear up. Your risk for lung cancer and other related diseases will also decrease, and the cilia in your lungs will begin to grow normally again.

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