7 Signs That Your Personal Trainer is Awesome

Working with a personal trainer can be important if you find yourself developing bad habits or giving up easily when you attempt to create and maintain a workout routine on your own. For that reason, you hire a personal trainer. However, how do you know if you are working with the right trainer?

Finding a good personal trainer Colorado Springs residents trust with their exercise plan is simply a matter of being aware of the signs of a good trainer. Below are several ways to tell if you have a truly awesome trainer or if you want to consider switching professionals to help with your exercise plan and goals.

They Can Provide Simple Instructions

Working with a trainer that cannot tell you what they want makes training difficult and a bigger hassle than you need. Eventually, it becomes too much work to simply understand what you should be doing, and you give up on your goals for weight loss or fitness. That isn’t a good trainer.

Find a trainer that can help you understand what you need to do and also why you are doing it. In order to work out and see benefits, it is very helpful to understand why you are taking the approach you are in order to reach a set goal.3

They Keep Track of Progress and Understand Where You Are

A trainer that is helping you work toward a goal and shows no signs of keeping track of progress for you is not a good trainer. Whether they write on a clipboard, use an app on a phone or tablet or use some other means of writing down and tracking progress, the important thing is that some method is clearly visible during your training sessions or immediately afterward.

They Help With Technique and Teach You How To Do a Workout Solo

Explaining why you are using certain exercises and how to adjust your workout to make sure you are getting the best benefit is just as important as guiding your workout. An awesome trainer makes sure you are learning the best way to exercise and recognize what you need to do and when you need to adjust as you become more fit.

They Include Nutrition Education with Training Tips

Eating healthy is a big part of gaining a significant benefit from workouts and exercise plans. Therefore, a truly good trainer will be sure you are following a diet that helps you to get more out of your workout. Fried foods and lots of junk can only get in your way when you are attempting to lose weight or improve your core and muscle mass. Your trainer will help you understand the critical role nutrition plays in making workouts truly work for you.

They Follow Their Own Teachings

Personal trainers need to show they understand the reason that exercise routines and training techniques work. For that reason, an awesome trainer shows you they are good at their job by following a variation of their own training techniques. Hitting the gym at certain times and eating a good diet are two ways your trainer can show you he or she follows their own teaching and truly lives their beliefs.

They Pursue Further Education

New technology and new research is constantly changing the way exercise and diets are viewed. Personal trainers must be aware of changes, must follow the research when a new trend in diet or exercise has hit the scene and had time to truly be examined for benefits and flaws. An awesome trainer is up on all the current knowledge and passes along pertinent changes to their clients, improving the benefits they receive.

Training Seems to be More of a Social Event

Is your trainer a social butterfly? Is he or she more concerned with chatting about life and politics than a workout? Whether you chat with you more than they direct your workout or they are flitting around the gym, catching up with old friends, this is the sign of a bad trainer.

A truly awesome trainer wants to get to the gym and get the most out of your workout time. They respect that you need to fit this workout into a busy schedule and benefit from the time you spend at the gym.


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